The Big Day on Netflix is all about the glamour that comes with rich Indian weddings. Of course, it’s a hit like many others that came before it. However, there is one aspect of the show that struck a chord with us – The type A brides who refused to compromise. 

On Netflix’s previous Indian wedding show, Indian Matchmaking, Seema aunty shamed Aparna Shewakramani for not willing to ‘compromise’ but in The Big Day, we saw those women make beautiful brides who broke traditions. 

Aparna was a 34-year-old lawyer based out of Houston, US who was constantly told by matchmaker Sima Taparia that she needs to learn to ‘compromise’ and reduce her ‘demands’. Seema would be surprised to see these strong, independent and opinionated women get married – and happily so. 

Pallavi Bishnoi, who tied the knot with her high school boyfriend, Rajat Swarup came as a breath of fresh air. She admitted to earning more than her husband, who she applauded for being secure despite the cultural backlash that came with it. She also confronted the age-old definition of ‘bridezilla’ that haunts women who just want to make their wedding day special. 

This, plus her stance on Kanyadaan resonated with every single woman who watched the show and had grown tired of age-old untouched traditions. With a woke priest who promoted gender equality, this couple truly won at a gender-neutral ceremony. 

Another bride who won our hearts was Ami Pandya, who tied the knot with Nithin Zacharias and decided to do away with traditions that made her uncomfortable. She exchanged vows written by her and her husband, and made her family understand why this was important to her. 

The second episode of this series follows two strong brides who gave us real-life goals. They micro-manage just like they do at work, know exactly what they want, encourage other women who are a part of their wedding team and are marrying men who are secure enough to leave the patriarchy behind.