Online shopping isn’t just about clothes. Everything is available! From groceries to pets, everything is just a click away. But with great power comes great responsibility. And with this expediency also comes the formation of a lethal habit: your online shopping addiction.

Here’s a list of 18 signs that say you suffer from online shopping addiction:

1. You have subscribed to every retail shop available on the web.

2. But every now and then, you unsubscribe some because the temptation to buy more stuff online is just too difficult to control.

3. You think it is okay to buy the same shirt in 4 different colours because that way you can easily reach the free shipping minimum.

4. Talking about free shipping, you remember which site offers free shipping by heart.

5. You treat yourself to online shopping on a bad day, a good day… basically, every day.

6. Every time a package from Flipkart or eBay gets delivered at work, everyone knows it belongs to you.

7. In fact, you’re on a first name basis with the courier peeps…

8. Your Facebook Newsfeed is flooded with sponsored advertisements from various online shops.

9. You’re used to people commenting on your online shopping addiction.

10. But you try to make them understand that being addicted to shopping online is so much better than being addicted to bad things .

11. The number of empty cardboard-boxes outnumbers the number of spare shopping bags at your place.

12. At a given time, at least one of the tabs opened your system is of an e-commerce site.

13. Breathing = More online shopping. Which means, jab takk hai jaan, tabb takk online shopping zindabaad.

14. You experience an adrenaline rush whenever something you ordered gets delivered.

15. You find packages in mail that you don’t even remember ordering.

16. You believe online shopping is times better than shopping in stores, physically, because it saves time, transportation expenses and energy.

17. Your phone is filled with apps of various online retailers.

18. You have memorized your credit card number.

19. After reading this article, you said:

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