I think we all can agree on one thing, shows like Big Brother or Bigg Boss taught us the extremes of social distancing way before the entire world had to be under the self-isolated hibernation. 

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However, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak that has gotten citizens from across the globe self-quarantining on a house arrest, contestants of Big Brother Germany had no idea about what was going around in the world. 

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Recently, the cast was told about the global pandemic and how it has been sweeping the world on live television. 

Source: Twitter

When the cast officially entered the house, almost a month ago, the first few cases in Wuhan were just being reported. And now, the wraths of Corona have reached Germany with over 6,000 cases and 13 deceased. 

Source: CNN

A few housemates started crying as the Big Brother was playing a video that showed the rapid spread of Coronavirus. After the screening, the resident doctor was available to answer all the queries that the contestants had. 

For emotional support, the housemates then watched video messages from relatives and laughed a little as they tried to cheer them up by saying stuff like they were probably in the safest place in Germany where the toilet roll situation is hopefully under control.

After a long line of criticism from netizens the producers finally decided to tell the contestants about the ongoing, apocalyptic situation. Surprisingly two contestants who joined on March 9 were strictly told not to discuss the COVID-19 sitaution at any point of time. 

Twitter reacts to housemates coming to know about the pandemic: 

While most of us have the liberty to quarantine with our family or know that they're safe amidst this havoc. I cannot even imagine what the housemates might be going through in this situation. The 'big' question here is, will they evict people into a pandemic?