Last week, part one of the final season of ‘The Crown‘ began streaming on Netflix. The episodes primarily revolve around the last leg of Princess Diana’s life, her relationship with Dodi Fayed, and the constant intrusion of paparazzi in her life as she struggled to spend quality time with her sons, William and Harry. The show also depicts the fateful accident in Paris that claimed her life and the royal funeral that followed.


Diana’s untimely demise brought the world to a standstill while prompting many to retrospect how an uncalled-for and unabashed obsession with her personality perturbed her life for years until it ultimately claimed it. With the hyper-realistic depiction of real-life events we’ve witnessed in the previous seasons, the new episodes of ‘The Crown‘ have naturally overwhelmed many.

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People are lauding the cast for their compelling performances. Elizabeth Debicki, in particular, has drawn widespread appreciation for the beauty and grace with which she brought Princess Diana to life. Here’s how people have been reacting:

While the first part of the final season visibly takes creative liberties to fictionalise certain moments, the show offers a good and, naturally, heartbreaking portrayal of Princess Diana’s final days.