Sponsored by Kellogg's

A few days ago, we got to know that our favorite comics were going berzerk as they couldn’t find anything chocolaty. Since the possibility of something like that to happen seemed pretty slick, we decided to follow these folks and figure out what led to this ruckus. The mystery of missing choco-treats is finally out in the open and here are the events that led to the disclosure: 

1. Sahil’s Sherlock skills that found the culprit.

2. Abish joined the league as well, thanks to the chocolaty clues. 

3. Meanwhile, Kenny didn’t have to do much but answer the door.

4. Also, Rohan. Please don’t blame Tanmay. It’s not him who took your treats away!

It was Kellogg’s CHOCOS Fills the whole time, eating up everything chocolaty. I guess it was for our own good as the good ol’ crispness has finally met chocolaty treats. Now, I know it wasn’t really cool of Kellogg’s depriving our #HungryForChocolaty comics of all the chocolaty treats but I am sure they have something more tasteful to look up to. As far as the mystery is concerned, well played Kellogg’s, well played.