If you, like most of us 90s kids, can’t help but go down the nostalgia lane whenever you get a chance, then you must watch the trailer for Doordarshan. 

Starring Mahie Gill and Manu Rishi Chaddha in the lead role, Doordarshan appears to be a comedy-drama with a focus on recreating ’80’s Netflix’ in 2020. 

Dolly Ahluwalia plays Manu Rishi’s ailing mother, who’s been in a coma for a long time when suddenly she regains consciousness. Only, for her, it’s still 1989 and thus the family works to recreate the era.

The film also stars Shardul Rana (who plays Ayushmann’s younger brother in Badhaai Ho), Supriya Shukla, and Rajesh Sharma, along with other actors. 

While we’re definitely excited to once again watch Mahie Gill in action, it does appear from the trailer that there are far too many subplots in play. 

You can watch the trailer here: 

The film releases on February 28, 2020. All images are screenshots from the trailer on YouTube. 

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