“Looking for a new job can be so exciting with your updated resumés, a hundred something applications and interviews”, said absolutely no one ever. 

That’s because we are regular people and not an extraordinary ‘common’ man like Srikant Tiwari, for whom leading Indian CEOs themselves lined up on social media to schedule a job interview! Confused? Let’s backtrack.

So turns out the quick-witted spy from Amazon Prime Video‘s ‘The Family Man’, Srikant finally realised that he needs to spend some time with his wife and children, and decided to look for a new job in the corporate field. We know it’s going to be hard for us to imagine Srikant slog away at a 9-5, but the man’s gotta be a ‘family man’ first, right? Anyway, Amazon Prime Video wanted to help their friend out, so they put out a tweet asking netizens to come up with job recommendations for Srikant.

His job hunt caught the attention of the big wheels of some of the most famous Indian start-ups. And they were more than happy to interview him for a vacancy at their company. These include Ritesh Agarwal (CEO, OYO), Manu Kumar Jain (Vice President, Xiaomi), Ankur Warikoo (Co-founder, NearBuy) & Kabeer Biswas (CEO, Dunzo). Isn’t that so cool? 

What followed were a series of interesting virtual interviews with these much-admired business leaders that created quite the stir, not just in the corporate world but also amongst the fans who are eagerly waiting for the new season of the show to release on June 4th. Srikant has already proven his mettle as a counter-terrorist task force agent, putting his life on the line for his country several times. Seeing his sincerity towards his job, it’s natural for anyone to want to hire him. Unfortunately, Srikant couldn’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, so he had to cover his past work experience and act very humble in front of these industry big-wigs. 

These interviews are so much fun to watch because we know exactly what Srikant was thinking when the tiniest hurdle cropped up. The first one to interview Srikant was Ankur Warikoo, Co-founder of NearBuy, who put him in a fix when he told Srikant that HR would be conducting a background check of his previous job. We all know how’d that go. 

Next up was Xiaomi Vice President Manu Kumar Jain, who asked ‘The Family Man’ to submit a case study of his work, which left him stumped. 

With Dunzo’s CEO Kabeer Biswas, the interview ended with Srikant thinking that he’ll be posted in Lonavla, when in fact Biswas was referring to Lokhandwala. All hail sucky wifi! Looks like more than a job, Srikant needs a better router. What say? 

The most striking funny interview was the one with OYO CEO, Ritesh Aggarwal. From both of them complementing each other on how young they look, discussing the benefits of doing yoga, to Srikant yelling at his daughter for using up the wifi, this seemed more like a tea-time conversation. But when he received a message from JK, inviting him to come for a new mission, Srikant’s mind took a 360 degree turn and it’s hilarious to see him struggling to keep up with the ongoing interview. 

It’s hard for you to stop giggling as Srikant desperately tries to crack the interviews with some of the industry biggies. And after watching these interviews, we honestly cannot wait to find out which company does he end up working for. Guess we’ll just have to wait till June 4th to find out. 

If you too want to know what happens next, then tune into Amazon Prime Video on June 4th for the new season of ‘The Family Man’.