We were reminiscing our teen crushes and one that definitely stood out, was the DJ from Kal Ho Naa Ho and our dreams, Frankie Ramdayal. 

The man who was literally in the film for not more than 30 minutes, left such a significant impact that we remember him even now. 


Not to mention the huge transformation he has had since! From being the perfect skater boy to becoming a cross-fit coach who is training the stars. 

Dheepesh Bhatt is a fitness coach to Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez, and is also huge on spirituality. Who could have guessed?

He started the first cross-fit gym in India, called Cross Fit Om Box. And looks like a hipster dream now, if we’re being honest. 

And he has a great sense of humour. I mean, look at this video!

Dheepesh is married to celebrity trainer Vrinda Mehta and they even have a the fitness brand together, called ShivFit. They offer workout challenges that you can sign up for online

It’s been 18 years and we still can’t get over Frankie!