When Thanos snapped Loki’s neck in Infinity War, we thought this was the end of the road for the God of Mischief. No more tricks, no more betrayals and no more resurrections- this was it.


But we were not prepared to move on and so for a year, we hoped that we might get to see Loki in Endgame

Loki escaped Earth with the Tesseract from the past when Tony, Steve and Scott went to retrieve the Infinity Stones.

Where he went from there, we don’t know. He definitely didn’t go to Thanos. He had just lost the Battle of New York and had lost the Mind Stone to the Avengers. 


When we watched Loki disappear into thin air with that little ‘I know what you did last summer’ smile on his face, we loved it.

Even though it took half the universe to die for us to visit Loki again, we knew it was worth it. Hell, I am sure, some of us were even grateful for it. 


So it’s a good thing that Disney+ is starting the new Loki series and that too with Tom Hiddleston. 

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Kevin Fiege has already said that the shows on Disney+ will directly affect the events of Phase 4 and the future of the MCU.

So we need to watch this god damn series!

Also let’s be honest, before Taika Watiti took over the franchise, Loki was the best part about the Thor movies. 

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Introduced in the first Thor film, Loki had struck a chord with every sibling in the world. 


Living under the shadow of a greater sibling truly sucks, especially when they have blonde eyebrows and always keep bragging about the exploits with their little hammers. 


Nevertheless, Loki never hated Thor. Or Odin, for that matter, even after finding out that he was adopted and his ‘birthright was to die’. 


He did bad things, terrible even and there is no excuse that pardons him but when his brother and his people needed him, he was there saving their arses. 

He laid the plan to destroy the Dark Elves after they killed his mother. He gave up the Space Stone because he could not bear to watch Thor die. He gave up his life in an attempt to kill Thanos. 


I guess, what I am trying to say is that Loki is the one sin that is always forgiven. No matter what he did or does, we will always love him.

Mind you, MCU has often been called a perfect cinematic universe with well defined and established characters with arcs and stories that have been in place years before we even heard about it. 


The only complaint has been the lack of a good villain. And Loki was that answer. Sure, Thanos was menacing and all but he lasted two films. Loki’s been here longer and he will be there for the foreseeable future. 


And a good villain like that, not only elevates the stakes but also makes the hero look better. Also, with someone like Loki, you are not entirely sure, what to expect. 


So, let’s hope, Marvel treats us to a new phase with Loki in charge, either as the bad guy or the reluctant good guy, we don’t care. All we want is one more trick from the Trickster.