Back in 1995, action dramas and romantic sagas were the norm in Bollywood. Who would have thought that a musical about a middle-class girl’s dreams of becoming an actress would strike gold? 

But with a little help from her childhood friend Munna and superstar Raj Kamal, Mili did become a star. And in a case of art preceding life, Urmila Matondkar became the country’s newest sensation. 

The film was Rangeela.


It wasn’t just another successful film either. It gave Bollywood a whole new Aamir Khan, A.R. Rahman’s musical genius and Urmila’s newly-revamped glamorous persona. 

The film won 7 Filmfare awards and is a cult classic. 

So, what made the film so amazing?

For starters, Aamir Khan was in top form here. You can’t not fall in love with Munna‘s tapori swag! 

And how can we ever get over Urmila’s Goddess-like beauty? 

Bollywood Avenue

Just can’t look away, even after all these years!


We’ll be ever grateful to Manish Malhotra for giving her this makeover!

A major part of the film’s success was certainly its music! 

This was the first time Rahman composed for a Hindi film and it was magical! 


There were songs for every mood and occasion. 

Need some positivity? Ho Ja Rangeela Re

Can’t express your feelings to your crush? We all know this mushkil!

Struggling with the complexities of love? Pyaar Ye Jaane Kaisa Hai!

Falling in love? Go right ahead. Tanha Tanha Yahan Pe Jeena? Nah!

Up for some goofing around with friends?

When love is all about the passion!

We’ll forever be grateful to you, Rahman Sa’ab. Even after all these years, these songs never get old! 

Nor does this visual of Urmila! #JustSaying


Chal Mere Sang Sang, Le Le Duniya Ke Rang… Ho Ja Rangeela Re!