There are many places in the world which are famous for their strange and explained atmosphere. And when you have managed to chase down such tales like Greg and Dana, you are likely to have interest in the cursed things that you have found during that journey. 

Keeping that in mind, Greg and Dana opened The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult where they display different objects related to paranormal and supernatural activities. 

Here are some of the artifacts you can see in their museum:

The Dark Mirror is the most talked about object in there.

People have reported seeing their own corpses stare back at them, the reflections of ‘tall people’ who aren’t there, and even the feel and taste of their mouths filling with blood. Therefore, when it’s not in display, it remains locked in a chest, covered in a veil.

Then comes The Crone of the Catskills.

This cursed object was taken from two hikers who brought it home after they found it in a cave during their trekking session in New York’s Catskill Mountains. However, this took a terrifying turn when the statue started to move on its own around their home. Other strange activities included muddy footprints on the floor, pungent scent in the house, and strange knocks during the middle of the night, which forced to sought help from Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews. Also, it is the only object in the museum with a strict no touching policy.

This is The Amityville Horror Plank.

Picked up from the famous house of The Amityville Horror book, this piece of wood had a dark energy before it was paired with the book in a case display. It proved to be a terrifying matter at an event held at the Missouri State Penitentiary, when it reportedly communicated with a group of paranormal investigators.

Here comes The Restless Painting.

This painting was once hung on the walls of a shop where it used to throw itself or the nearby paintings from the walls. No doubt, no one purchased it. When things got bad, the shop owner gave it to the museum.

This is The Idol of Nightmares.

After a man discovered this idol in his home, he started experiencing horrific nightmares, which included slamming of doors, rattling of dishes, shadows along the walls, and flickering lights. These happenings therefore forced him to give this cursed item to the museum which now remains wrapped and is only unwrapped for the bravehearts. 

This is the cursed Backwoods Black Magic.

This wooden box was discovered from a rural cemetery. The museum authorities say that the box contains the worst curses that can be cast on a person. It continues to increase the curiosity among the visitors in the museum. 

Meet Ruby The Haunted Doll.

Ruby the Haunted Doll is the most mysterious of them all. Believe it or not, this is the only object in the museum that makes the guests feel physically ill. Her keepers revealed that the doll can move from room to room and can make you feel sad and in some cases can also induce nausea. But now she resides in Greg and Dana’s museum away from those basements and attics.


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