Star Wars is the most loved franchise in the world. As fans, we couldn’t wait to see anything related to the beloved space sci-fi adventure. Last year, we had our first taste at the new trilogy in the form of The Force Awakens. It shattered almost every existing box-office record.

The first trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One came out a few months ago and it had everything we have come to love about the franchise. It grabbed our attention and gave us the perfect taste of what we might be in for in the spin-off. 

The second trailer for the movie just landed and we finally got a shot of Darth Vader in all his Sith glory. Here’s the trailer:

A lot of us were quite skeptical about these spin-off movies but the trailers have won us over. 

At the start of episode IV, Princess Leia is in possession of the plans that will help the rebels destroy the Death Star. Fans have always been curious about how the rebels were able to put their hands on it in the first place. The events of Star Wars: Rogue One are an explanation for that. 

While the first trailer gave us a glimpse of the new storyline, this trailer treated us to some Mads Mikkelsen. The celebrated actor makes his first appearance in the Star Wars franchise in this trailer and it seems like he is the chief architect of the Death Star.

Our childhood dreams have come true. DARTH VADER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!