Game of Thrones’ latest episode aired during the morning today, and let’s just say it blew our minds. No one was prepared for the bomb that was dropped on us during the last fifteen minutes and this time The Night King stole the show. 

We know White Walkers are pretty powerful but nobody expected that the Night King would be that good with his spear throw, especially when we had gotten so used to see him only on his horse. This was yet another heartbreaking moment and the entire GoT followers have been going crazy after this episode. Twitter simply blew up and this time Twitter is flooded with hilarious The Night King tweets. 

The obvious thought when you get over the shock of the spear hitting Viserion.

Bahubali fans be like-

This moment when our hearts almost jumped into our throats.

Is this how the Night King partied after he got Viserion?

Jon Snow and people versus the Night King’s army.

That uneasy feeling that somehow we had seen the Night King before.

The moment when Jon Snow and people got a White Walker but the Night King got a dragon.

Exactly the thought when the Night King pulled out another spear.

This perfectly sums up the last ten minutes of the episode.