Change is the only thing that’s constant in the world. Also, plagiarism (or inspiration, like the Bollywood folks like to call it).

Emraan Hashmi is a man of many talents and he has made a mark for himself in the industry with his superlative acting skills. But here’s the thing, his choice of roles have been horrendous off late. While his fans are yet to wake up after watching the snoozefest that was Azhar, Emraan seems ready to set the big screen on fire with his first home production – Captain Nawab.

Here’s the poster for the new movie:


Now that’s a cool looking poster, right? You see the flags and Emraan’s new avatar and the you’re already head over heels for the movie. Well, hold your horses. Captain Nawab‘s poster seems to be heavily inspired by a popular video game – Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Here’s the poster for Call of Duty: Black Ops:


Here’s the poster for Call of Duty: Black Ops III:


The similarity is uncanny. The positioning of Mr Hashmi, the guns and the general tone of the picture as well. 

Good job Bollywood. Inspirational quotes ka dhanda chalu kyu nahi karte?