There’s no doubt that our film industry has been churning out romantic movies since forever, presenting a number of iconic on-screen couples, who instantly made a home in our hearts. 


However, out of a gazillion other on-screen couples, there’s one couple that lives in my heart rent free – Arjun and Ganga from Pardes.

Yes, I know that they just decided to get together towards the climax of the movie but that’s the actual magnificence of their relationship. They weren’t like any other ordinary couple, they were just truly, madly and deeply in love. And, they set some brilliant love goals.

Now, imagine this – two individuals, living in opposite parts of the world, meeting and falling hopelessly in love. As an old school romantic, I fell in love with these two as they fell in love with each other. Even when life had other plans for them, they took risks and followed their hearts.

Come, let’s relive their perfect journey once again!

Sure, their love story began on a bittersweet note. But, can we blame him? He was just looking out for his oh-so-annoying friend. 

However, they then decided to let bygones be bygones and start their friendship afresh.

It was him, who made her understand that she doesn’t need to dress up like a bride to impress anyone. It’s her simplicity that’s most important. And, well, he wasn’t wrong.

With his simplicity and charm, he soon makes a home in everybody’s heart.

There’s no doubt that airport scenes always hurt us the most. And, not going to lie, but when they departed at the airport, it did break my heart a little. I low-key wanted him to confess his love to her. But, ah, that didn’t happen.

Meri zimmedaari, mera kaam yahin tak tha. Ab tumhari duniya, tumhari zindagi alag aur meri duniya, meri zindagi lag. Samjhi?

However, our hearts were swelled with happiness when they met again. She, without worrying about anything or anyone, ran towards him as soon as she saw him in a crowd of unknown faces.

When she learns that he’s just considered a ‘servant’ in her to-be husband’s house, she melts our heart by sending some piping-hot paranthas to him, along with a heartwarming note.

Little master Arjun, apni mastery mat dikhaiye, chup chaap humare saath chale aaiye, yeh daddy ka hukm hain aur… hamari kasam hain.

And, not to forget when they were declared a pair ‘made in heaven’ during a game. No matter how childish and immature it sounded to play a game, he did it anyway for her, all while her drunk as fuck fiancé was fighting around in the bar.

When her arsehole fiancé couldn’t address her insecurities and left her alone to be with her ex for the night, it was Arjun, who reassured her that he won’t leave her side, ever.

And then, she decided to shut everyone down for her friend. She showcased how nobody can ever replace a true friend, even if the entire world despises and laughs at your friendship. And, that’s exactly what she did. When he just wanted to be alone, she didn’t let him and cheered him up, which a true friend does.

We saw him falling in love with her when he thrashed a random man for misbehaving with her. Yeah man, more power to you!

Let’s be honest, we all felt the pain when he realizes that he was falling in love with the person he possibly can’t have. And, that pain and agony gave us the most iconic song ever, Yeh Dil Deewana!

When she ran away, from an unknown country and was stuck in the middle of several unknown faces, there was only one person she confided in.

From fighting with their loved ones to shedding a lot of blood and tears, they finally acknowledged their love and took pride in it. They fought for each other till last and at last, won the battle.

Because no matter what, true love always wins in the end!

Ye sangam ho jaaye, saagar se mil jaaye ganga.

Arjun & Ganga were truly goals, weren’t they?

Please note that all images are taken from the movie unless specified otherwise.