August of this year is going to be a good month for us all. While we already have the brilliant Loki keeping us on the edge of our seats, next month Marvel will be releasing the much anticiapted and highly enigmatic What If…?

It’ll be out on Disney+Hotstar, and the anthology show explores what would happen if major moments from the MCU movies went about in a completely different way. After all, the MCU exists within a million-plus universes, otherwise known as the multiverse.

Which means that through some branch in the fabric of reality, T’Challa is now Star-Lord.

We see him with both Gamora and Yondu.

Meanwhile, his nemesis Killmonger actually teams up with Tony freakin’ Stark to get up to some kind of badassery.

Steve isn’t Captain America in this. Instead Peggy appears to have gotten the Super Soldier serum, and she’s now Captain Carter.

We also see snippets of everyone from The Ancient One to Thor to Zombies! Suffice to say, things are about to get juicy.

Watch the explosive trailer below.

What If…? will premier on August 11 on Disney+Hotstar.