It is amusing how we’re a country that gets offended by stand-up comedians but our tremendous ability to take offence goes out of the window when it comes to Bollywood.

Dil Toh Deewana Hai is an upcoming Bollywood movie and it is trending on Twitter for some reason. I decided to check it out and it’s so bad that I might have lost my last few IQ points.

Keeping the brilliant editing (probably on Windows Movie Maker) aside, the amount of casual sexism is appalling. They even casually mention that when a girl is drunk out of her mind, you don’t even need a room.



This is not a self-aware trailer. They’re not making fun of sexism or rape, they are using it as a plot device to get humour out of weird situations.

So, where are my “3 pictures of beer”? I need it after watching this.