If we asked you, what’s the one upsetting thing that keeps popping up on the news, what would your answer be?

Really, don’t you think crimes against women and its consequences are unfortunately, still something that we have failed to combat as a society? 

We can wave as many flags as we want and open up as many debates but what goes on in a victim’s life after any incident is something most fail to thoughtfully process. Especially if it is a woman that has faced abuse of any sort. 

And that is exactly what Drishyam Films‘ ‘Siya‘ effortlessly revolves around. Yes, the trailer of ‘Siya’ is here and it is a beautifully captured reality check in our opinion.
The narrative flows around Siya, a seventeen year old, and her search for justice after being wronged by people in power. The trailer looks raw, interesting, and original. And here are 4 elements that we think worked really well in keeping us at the edge of our seats… 

1. The visuals are well thought-out.

The first thing that one notices in a trailer is the look of the film. The visuals in this newly launched trailer are strong and bold through a beautiful blend of light, haze, and shadows. They go hand in hand with the theme and narrative. The perfectly planned frames and visual imagery such as filming the protagonist through spokes of a bicycle or next to shackles reflect her mental dilemma and will definitely grab a tight hold of all your attention from the very beginning of the trailer. 

2. The use of local music for narrative flow.

Music plays a major part in any kind of content. The makers of ‘Siya’ tie the theme down in harmony with the use of revamped folk music that not only touches your heart with its originality and sweetness but also adds to the overall message and tonality of the film.

3. The trailer showcases honest and natural portrayals.

We know, it comes down to the execution and portrayals. Here, we are glad to say that all the elements in the trailer look well carried out and strongly expressed. The setting looks raw and unpolished complimenting the characters’ state of minds. The natural approach towards every element looks fresh and promising to say the least.

4. It uses deep symbolism through dialogues.

Last but not the least, the film seems to use deep symbolism as a major instrument for storytelling. In our opinion, this is one subtle yet strong element that the trailer sports. For example: the trailer sports the story of a tiger falling prey to his own internal power struggle and jumping to death, which gives a quick glimpse into the plot and paints a larger picture of how vanity does not stand a chance against truth and justice. 

A trailer so beautifully symbolised and packed with elements has surely made us believe in the potential of the film and we cannot wait for it to see daylight! 

Really, it’s high time we look beyond debates and protests and focus on making a victim’s life easier by just being supportive and compassionate in their venture for justice and a normal life.

‘Siya’ could be the perfect conversation starter on such grounds and we’re excited to find out what it has to offer. 
Siya‘ comes across as a powerful film with a strong message that demands to be heard and urges any victim take their much deserved dignity back by being the #FighterNotSurvivor. 
The film is set to release on 16 September 2022. Check out the trailer here