The Undertaker is a staple of our childhood memories. Watching him choke-slam his way through his problems was an inspiration. Kane being annoying? Choke slam. Boss giving you too much work? Muthafuckin choke slam. Dead? Resurrect and choke slam. In recent years, his legend had waned, and that’s understandable – he was indulging in some much needed R&R. 

For Wrestlemania 36 however, the Dead Man Walking returned to fight AJ Styles in a boneyard buried alive match. And he was back to his campy brilliance, driving bikes and being undead and shit. That’s the Undertaker we love!

There was everything – smoke machines, strange grim reaper-looking dudes, and the signature rising-from-the-dead. It really took things back to the glory days.

The fans couldn’t get enough of it – The Undertaker still retains all of his original badassery.

It’s been a long time ‘Taker. Good to see you back.