The Dead Man Walking is a living legend – he’s choke slammed and piledrivered his way through 30 years of the brutal world of wrestling, and he’s come out to tell the tale. With the retirement of The Undertaker, a massive chapter of the WWE closes, and it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to some of his best moments.

1. When Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the Hell in a Cell cage.

In 1998, the match between Undertaker and Mankind saw one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history when Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of a cage that was over 20 feet high. It’s one of the most famous matches of all time, and is still terrifying to watch to this day. 

2. Undertaker’s debut at Survivor Series.

Way back in 1990, Undertaker made his debut at Survivor Series, marking the start of a momentous journey. It’s only fitting that his farewell after 30 years is also at Survivor Series.

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3. The Undertaker retires Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania.

In 2010, Taker fought Michaels in an iconic match that has gone down in the history books as one for the ages. They were both legends at this point, and the ending of the match saw Michaels retire for 8 whole years.

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4. The formation of the Brothers of Destruction with Kane.

While the 2 ‘brothers’ started off with a famous feud, they would also join forces sporadically, forming the Brothers of Destruction. Their signature combined choke slam is still massively impressive.


5. When he dragged Kane under the ring and into ‘hell’.

One of Taker’s signature moves was to suddenly appear from under ring while a match was going on, and then dragging someone into ‘hell’, with smoke and everything. It’s a scene that stuck with us all as kids, and him dragging Kane into the ring in 2010 was an iconic moment that’s hard to forget.

6. Undertaker’s ‘resurrection’ after being placed in a casket.

Way back in 1994, Taker had a casket match against Yokozuna, who he was feuding with at the time. It took Yoko and 10 others to finally trap him in the casket, but as it was being wheeled away, a video showed Taker coming ‘back to life’, before ascending to the ramparts. This would set the standard for his theme of coming back from the dead.

7. His 21-win victory streak at Wrestlemania.

In 1991, Taker defeated Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania, marking the start of a winning streak that lasted for several years. It’s a feat that’s probably never going to be repeated, and is bound to go unchallenged.


8. His legendary Ladder match against Jeff Hardy.

In 2002, Taker went head to head with Jeff Hardy in a brutal ladder match that saw them beat the ever living shit out of each other. Hardy took an especially hardcore thrashing, and while Taker was a heel at this point, he raised Hardy’s hand after defeating him to signify just how impressive the entire segment was.

9. His match against Brock Lesnar In 2014’s Wrestlemania.

Taker’s incredible winning streak was finally ended in the hugely reported-about Wrestlemania XXX against Brock Lesnar. It was a controversial moment, with fans denouncing the WWE for breaking tradition. But alas, it was what it was, and it went down in history.

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10. The Undertaker ‘murders’ Paul Bearer.

One of the most memorable faces in the early days of Taker was his sidekick Paul Bearer, carrying the signature and mysterious urn. After a certain match against the Dudley Boyz, a certain stipulation forced Undertaker to pull a lever that would fill a case that Bearer was trapped in with cement, apparently ‘killing’ him. What a storyline!


Here’s to you, Taker!