Warning: Spoilers ahead


The Battle of Winterfell has come and gone, the Night King and his minions have turned to dust, and things are looking up. While the key players of this epic showdown were Arya, Theon and Jorah, several other characters had their own bits to perform. Jaime Lannister for instance, fought valiantly alongside Brienne. 

While he didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome at Winterfell, he did claim that he had come to fight for the living. Now that the living have conquered the dead, what happens next to our erstwhile Golden Lion? 


He returns to King’s Landing and rejoins Cersei.

As heartbreaking as it is, Jaime can’t help but love Cersei. However, this scenario is unlikely, as his personal journey over the years has taught him empathy, plus he’s come to care for people like Brienne. 

Meanwhile, Cersei’s ruthlessness has multiplied manifold, and their connection has frayed. 


Another option is that he stays on in Winterfell, helping them rebuild and ultimately fighting Cersei’s army.

He might just continue to help the people of Winterfell, doing his part to rebuild everything they lost. 

That would also mean he would be on the opposite side of Cersei and her army, who are readying to destroy our favourite characters. The Golden Company, Cersei, and Euron Greyjoy are dangerous enemies, but that feels like the kind of odds Jaime dives into these days. 


One theory is that he fulfills the destiny that many have suggested, that of Azor Ahai. 

While there was a theory that suggested Jaime would have to plunge his sword into Cersei’s heart to become Azor Ahai – the Prince that was Promised – this has obviously not yet occurred. However, there is a moment during the battle where Sam notices Jaime fighting amongst the flames, and the camera lingers for just a little longer than usual. 

This could be foreshadowing for some sort of specialised destiny for our one-handed hero, but we can only wait and see. 


There’s also the chance that he’s executed for the crimes of his past.

This is another obvious option – he’s executed. Either because someone finds out that he pushed Bran off the window, or because he killed Dany’s father. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that conclusion. 

If you have any other ideas about where Jaime’s path leads, let us know in the comments.