Warning: Spoilers

So the second season of Sacred Games is out, and the verdict is mostly positive. The acting, the dialogue, the intense and highly cerebral subject matter – all of it has come under high praise. The one thing that’s got everyone in a tizzy however, is what happened at the end.

Let’s go over the facts – Sartaj is left alone with the bomb, and has only 1 try left to disarm it. He goes through the Guruji’s book and decides to use Dilbagh Singh’s pattern. He starts entering it, and the screen cuts to black. Boom, open ending.


So what could this mean? Did Bombay survive or is it now a pile of nuclear waste?

The most obvious contention was this – Shahid Khan entered a certain pattern into the bomb to activate it. The little bit of the pattern you see Sartaj enter is in no way similar to Shahid’s, which means he got it wrong.

However, this could easily be explained away – it could be that the bomb has a different pattern for activation, and a different one for deactivation. 


Another theory contends that the number of unresolved storylines means there has to be a season 3, which in turn means Mumbai survived.

There’s multiple things that aren’t properly addressed in this season. For instance, Yadav Tai mentions a certain ‘Bloody Mathur’ in her addled state, implying that she and Anjali Mathur’s father had some secrets of their own.

There’s also the massive and heart-wrenching revelation that Sartaj’s mother and Shahid Khan’s mom are actually sisters who were separated during the partition. We were only given slight glimpses of both these stories, which suggests that there could definitely be a season 3.


However, according to the books, this is how everything ends. So even if we do get a third season, it would have to be written from scratch, which is no mean feat.  

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