Badass female characters are a rare thing on TV. Sometimes it’s the writing that lets them down and sometimes, they start strong and lose steam along the way. Especially in shows that revolve around men.  

So we made a list of some of the most badass female characters that not only held their own in such shows but outshone everybody else till the very end. 

1. Karen Page (Daredevil / The Punisher)

In a show where testosterone-filled men in masks fight on rooftops to stop men the evil of the world, often eliminating the line between good and bad as they do so, Karen Page was the only one who did the right thing. 


She was flawed and irrational at times. She fell in love, she danced and she pulled the trigger on guns when she had to and in doing so, went from being the victim of the story to becoming a vital cog in the wheel that changed the game. 

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She was also the only person who could keep the god damn Punisher in check. 

2. Jessica Pearson (Suits)

Suits was always supposed to be about Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. They were Batman and Robin. But then there was Jessica, who even Batman bowed down to in this case. She ruled her firm with an iron fist.


Being a black woman who was a managing partner of one of the biggest law firms in New York is one hell of a task itself. But then she managed to hold the reigns of some of the most enigmatic characters seen on screen.

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3. Michonne (The Walking Dead)

When we first get introduced to Michonne, it was the zombies that were scared of her. She carried with herself a katana at all times and two zombies to protect herself. 

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She has evolved since and has done so for the better. She is still as badass as one can be. Plus, she looks after an entire community of people who are dependant on her to survive. 


4. Kima Greggs (The Wire)

Shakima “Kima” Greggs was a narcotics detective working alongside Herc and Carver, under the command of Cedric Daniels in Major Foerster’s narcotics division. She outshined her colleagues on almost all occasions with her skills and battle-hardened demeanour. 


Sure, she has issues like alcoholism and infidelity, but that just to make her seem human. Otherwise, she is a god, we all need to worship. 

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5. Olenna Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones has had some of the strongest female characters in the history of pop culture. But the reason the former head of House Tyrell makes this list is because unlike her counterparts, she is not a warrior. 


She sat on her golden roses in High Garden and changed Westeros from there. And hell, she killed Joffrey right under Cersei’s nose. That’s something, right? 

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6. Peggy Olson (Mad Men)

When she was introduced, we all saw an innocent yet determined woman who had an intense dislike of double standards when it came to men and women. 

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And sooner than later, we saw her become the second in commands to Don Draper and truly come to her own. She practically owned everyone around her when she wanted to. 


7. Rebekkah Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals)

The Vampire Diaries was always about good looking blood-sucking dudes trying to impress school girls. But the lady Mikaelson was a force to be reckoned with. She was one of the original vamps to have ever existed. 


And she made it a point that it was known. Throughout her thousand years of life, she fought alongside her brothers in multiple battles. But unlike the rest of her family, she was humane and compassionate, making her the very best of them. 


8. Mary Watson (Sherlock)

Mary Watson was badass. Can we all just admit that? 

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She outsmarted Sherlock. Hell, she even outsmarted Mycroft for a very long time. And she could kick their combined asses once every day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

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9. Tokyo (Money Heist)

When we first see Tokyo, she was struggling after the death of her partner and was walking right into a trap set by the cops. Then the professor gets her and she says that if at all she was going down, she would do so due to the greatest robbery in history. 


And she kept her god damn word!


10. Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)

How I Met Your Mother was not a woman’s show. The blatant disregard Ted and Barney showed for women as human beings in plainly appalling. And Lily’s character didn’t do much against the already existing stereotypes. 


But Robin was different. She did what she wanted to, no matter what. And in a day and age where TV shows made reluctant women mothers just to complete their character development, Robin could hardly give a shit. 


11. Kate Beckett (Castle)

Kate Beckett is the most underrated name on the list but she deserves to be here. She was tenacious, curious, compassionate and was one of the finest detectives on screen at the time at least. 

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Despite the tragedies she had to face all her life, she held her own against anybody who would dare to commit a crime on her block. Also, she could beat the shit out of the literally anyone. 

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So that’s our list. If you want someone added here, do let us know.