I spent the entire weekend binge-watching ASUR, a psychological and mythological thriller on Voot Select that blew my mind. I couldn’t help but think about all the other desi thriller shows that have mythological elements in the plotline as twists.  Here is a list of all the thrillers with a modern take on mythology that you should definitely add to your watchlist: 

1. ASUR 

This Arshad Warsi starrer psychological thriller revolves around a team of forensic experts who are trying to catch a serial, psychopath killer. Tangled in a mythological web, the clues lie in the teachings from the Vedas. 

Watch the mythological thriller here. 

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2. Leila 

Set in a dystopian future, this Huma Qureshi starrer dystopian fiction will blow your mind. In a futuristic world that is run by an oppressive religious regime that defines the lines of caste and homogenous beliefs, Leila tries to find her daughter. Though set in the near future, Leila feels like a Black Mirror’s episode from the present. 

Watch the mythological thriller here.  


3. Seven The Ashvamedha Prophecy 

Dr. Charak is an astronomer, scientist, and philosopher who’s trying to save the world from the evil as soon as he spots the “saptarshi” constellation. He sets on a journey to bring seven distinctive personalities with special powers under the same roof to fulfill the Ashwamedha prophecy before the master of evil decodes it. 


4. Ghoul 

Set in a dystopian future where racial profiling is as common as breathing. With Radhika Apte as the protagonist, this Netflix original is packed with mythological, super-natural elements that’ll give you jump scares while shaking you to the core. 

Watch the mythological thriller here

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5. Sacred Games 

Laced with various mythological philosophies, this thriller revolves around a cop who’s trying to save ‘the city of dreams’ from a planned incident that will change its existence. Focusing on various elements from Hindu mythology while creating some philosophies of its own, this Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer will dazzle you with surprises.  

Watch the mythological thriller here.  


These shows with a modern take on mythology will keep you glued to your screens. If you know any other mythological thriller series, let us know in the comments section below.