Sponsored by Maruti Suzuki

How many times does it happen that we come across someone who’s so incredibly talented and yet hasn’t been noticed by anyone? You could be at a party and meet someone who sings a song that sounds better than even the original one! There are artists who recreate portraits in a way that make you feel like you’re looking at a photograph. The question is, do they all get what they deserve? 

No, they don’t. 

So, to give these youngsters a chance to set the stage on fire, Maruti Suzuki came up with Colors Of Youth to give college students an opportunity to come forward and show their skills. They’ve always been known to be a youth-centric brand, and it’s amazing to see how they’re repaying our faith in them. The best part is that people haven’t shied away as well, and have done their best to prove that they are the most talented of the lot! So, here are 6 performances from season 8 of Maruti Suzuki’s Colors Of Youth that inspired us to feed our talents as well:   

1. I can keep listening to this song again and again and again!

2. If this doesn’t prove that the minds of twins are connected, what will?

3. Honestly speaking, this song has become my earworm, and I love it!

4. Oh, so this is how good one has to be to bring back the memories of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab!

5. After looking at this performance, well, you’ll surely want an Upgrade for your dance crew!

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Seeing such talented kids across our country really makes my chest swell with pride, and it’s even more encouraging to see Maruti Suzuki grooming the millennial talent of and giving them a platform to share their talent. We hope we get to see more such events in the future because there’s still a lot of potential around that’s waiting to be tapped into. Also, mostly because I cannot wait to let my talents out! What are you waiting for?