Amazon’s The Boys gave us a fresh perspective about a world of superheroes. It brilliantly deconstructs the entire genre and gives us fresh ideas about the heroes we worship and how terribly and quickly it could go wrong. 

In order to do that it draws parallels from the actual superheroes we love and worship on TV and in cinemas. 

1. Homelander is an evil take on Superman and Captain America. 

This is pretty obvious. Homelander and Superman literally have the same powers. They almost dress the same way. Except, Homelander is blonde and has a US flag as a cape, giving him the look of Steve Rogers. 

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Basically, if Supes and Cap were dicks, they would be Homelander. 


2. Deep is basically Aquaman from a phase before Jason Momoa. 

Remember that phase of the Aquaman when he was blonde and rode a fish to work and was the butt of all jokes? Yeah, Deep is that version of Aquaman. 

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3. Although, he might not be very popular amongst today’s kids, G.I Joe’s Snake Eyes clearly has been the inspiration behind Black Noir. 

Just like Snake Eyes, Black Noir dresses in a black stealth suit. We never see them without their superhero attires. They never talk and when they fight, they just kick ass.

They never talk and when they fight, they just kick ass. 

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4. Queen Maeve is obviously Wonder Woman. 

The weapon, the armour and the tiara among other things simply make them mirror images of each other. 

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5. A-Train, simply put, is the poor man’s Flash. 

The characters have nothing in common, except superspeed. While the Flash is infinitely faster, A-Train shows logical problems of operating at superspeed. 


6. Translucent could have been inspired by many superheroes, given that the story of invisible men has long been told in fables. But his diamond-hard skin reminds one of X-Men’s Emma Frost.

Emma Frost was a telepath who could also stop other telepaths from reading her mind by having her skin turn into diamond, which was also a useful protection against weapons and assault of any kind. 


Translucent seems to be able to do the same to his skin. And while it is not diamond, it is as hard and has the ability to camouflage itself like a chameleon making him invisible. 

7. Although Starlight’s powers do vary from her, it appears that Jubilee has a huge influence on this character. 

Starlight is shown to be a naive character new at a job with the goal of changing the world, who realises what a shitty job she is working, which is basically all of us. 


But her character’s powers are very similar to X-Men’s Jubilee. As a mutant, she generates spyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands that look like fireworks. 


8. Both Popclaw and Kimiko seem to have been inspired by some version of Wolverine and X-23 or any of his other progenies. 

Popclaw and Kimiko share features with the Wolverine family. They are both extremely strong with very sharp reflexes. Popclaw even has claws coming out of her hand. 


Kimiko meanwhile was created in a lab like X-23. And even though she doesn’t have claws, she has her healing powers and is vicious to the core. 

Now, let’s hope season 2 gives us some new superheroes to dissect!