Staying up late and watching horror movies indeed has some upsides. Devouring hundreds of American horror movies and series has got us prepared to brace paranormal situations without us even realising it. How, you may ask? Well, read on.

1. Having more than two kids is a bad idea. 

Deciding who to save and who to leave behind during a ‘paranormal moment’ will surely tell your kids which kid is more loved.

2. Giving separate rooms to those that are less than 5 years old is also a bad idea. 

Spirits will get to you through their feeble minds. Save yourself from running up two flights of steps every time they scream, which will happen almost every single day, disturbing your sleep.

3. If they talk about their imaginary friends in stark detail, it’s time to find a new place.

4. If the kid goes through their tragic emo phase before even hitting puberty, it’s time that you visit the local priest. 

10/10 chances that the kid is possessed.

5. Installing a jaali door as well as a regular door will make sure no psycho killer has easy access to your house.

…because they are just used to one single door with a crusty old doorknob.

6. If you get a house for really cheap, there’s a high chance that it is infested by ghosts.

Or there might be party-loving college students living next door. Either way, you should avoid at all costs.

7. If you find a piano in the basement, let it remain there.

You wouldn’t want the ghost to burst into smooth jazz at 3 AM in the morning. That shit will not only scare you but will also scar as there’s a high chance that the ghost will probably play better than you.

8. Crosses and holy water to ghosts are like Mortein to mosquitoes. It doesn’t affect them anymore.

That’s evolution for you.

9. Creepy dolls should immediately be transferred to the trash can.

10. If you suspect that your house is haunted, evacuate your pets to some place safe. 

Pets somehow always turn into innocent victims.

11. Living the life of a minimalist helps. Ghosts can’t throw stuff around if there’s nothing to throw.

Spirits are known to throw things around, but if you already have less, there will be lesser stuff that they could throw. The next obvious target will be you, but at least you’re saved from all that cleaning.

12. Always keep your knives inside drawers. 

Spirits are known to be into butchery.

13. If there’s a lonely tree outside, either burn it down or decorate it with fairy lights. 

You will be helping put the spirit out of its lonely misery.

14. There will always be a door that will not open no matter how hard you try. 

Tell your kids to not be dicks and try to open it.

15. Spirits like to live in places that are dark, dingy, and full of filth. 

Keep the house clean and you’ll eliminate 99% chances of an ‘infestation’.

…and also stop messing with Ouija boards if they don’t come with an instruction manual that says ‘DANGER! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME’.

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