How often does it happen that you watch some of your favourite movie and suddenly spot something you hadn’t noticed all this while? Don’t worry! This has got nothing to with your limited attention span, maybe!   

But it does happen, right? And if have started thinking what are the things you’ve missed in popular films then here’s a list that’ll help jog your memory.. 

 1) I Am Legend

Remember this poster from I Am Legend? It features both Batman and Superman, only this movie was released close to a full decade before these superheroes shared a screen. 

2) Frago

In this movie, Steve Buscemi’s character, Carl, says this line exactly 30 minutes before the film ends. Spooky! 

3) Spider-Man 2

Before jumping, Peter Parker says he needs a “Strong Focus” and guess where he lands? Next to a Ford Focus. Probably an inside joke. 

4) Batman Returns

Guess what Selena Kyle’s glasses are trying to tell us here. The subtle cat-ear shadows make for some interesting reveals. Oh wait, is that Catwoman I see?

5) Home Alone

So, even if Kevin’s family hadn’t completely forgotten about him on the morning of their trip, he wouldn’t have made it. Want to know why? Because his father accidentally throws out his passport earlier in the movie while cleaning up some spilled milk! Just a little something to make sure that the script was idiotproof. 

6) UP

Is something growing there? Is that a building I see?

7) The Lord of the Rings

And this is an easy one. Remember when Aragorn is unable to save his friend Boromir from a tragic end? He wears his fallen comrade’s arm guards throughout the rest of the trilogy!

8) Inception

If you think this film had an ambiguous ending, then here is a hint you will absolutely love! The detail here is Cobb’s wedding ring, which is his totem is something he never wears while dreaming. And he isn’t wearing it in the last scene. Which means that last scene was a dream. 

9) Jurassic World

 Notice this tag that reads “029″? This was also in the Jeep that was featured prominently in the original Jurassic Park, decades earlier. Coincidence? I think not!

10) The Departed

If you think these X’s symbolise the tragic downfalls of the protagonists, look closely. As a tribute to the original Scarface, an X appears every time one of the characters is about to die. 

So had you noticed any of these amazing little clues?