NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) represent our country at a global stage and have done well for themselves in other countries.  They are generally a nice, world wise and genuine lot. Well, most of them. There are a few who get on your nerves. They leave India with some baggage and come back to the country with some baggage of the douchey kind. And these 13 things are the most annoying of the lot.

1. They acquire a goofy “foreign” accent.

2. The really corny ones start using American slang. Even though they’ve come back from South Africa.

3. Sports for them is now all about N.B.A and baseball.

4. They now find everything to be “too spicy.”

All Indian cuisine is way too spicy for them now. Curry or no curry.

5. They drink only and only, bottled water.

6. They crib about the pollution in India.

7. They have a thing for “labels” now.

8. They need tissues. All the time.

9. They now need industrial strength mosquito repellant.

10. Stray animals are scary for them now.

11. It’s always “too much noise” for them. Everywhere.

12. Everything is dirty.

13. Every sentence starts with a “back in the states…”