You may be annoyed with the first-world problems that privileged folks around you speak of. But this Reddit thread on things ruined by rich people is so downright annoying. No wonder, money can make you do crazy things and this thread is proof.

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1. “Housing flipping for sure – looking to potentially buy at the moment and everything has been fitted with new grey kitchens and modern lighting, etc which isn’t my style. I may be in the minority here but means paying way more for a house and then having the job of ripping everything out.”


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2. “Instagram. When it first launched we were content to post a pic of our average sandwich that we made at home. Or a mundane selfie. Nothing major. Studies show that since the wealthy started sharing their lives on IG, our collective standard of living changed. We’re exposed to yacht parties. expertly organized and color-coded walk-in closets, high-end facials and party-planned gender reveals. We’ve elevated our expectations for everything.”


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3. “Renting, buying property, taxes, anything that affects my ability to live the future I want based on cost living while they’re out on vacation in Bali.”


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4. “Environment. Ah yes I will just turn off the light in my living room when I’m not using it, I’m sure it will combat the billions of tonnes of CO2 created by those private planes.”


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5. “Music festivals….used to be a bunch of hippies having a good time and doing drugs. Now it’s rich kids taking selfies dressed as hippies and doing drugs.”


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6. “Housing – used to be the only people buying houses were those that were intending to live in them. Now you have rich people looking into investing in real estate, and guess what rich houses are poor investments. So rich people are buying up all the affordable housing, driving up the price and creating scarcity.”


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7. “The easy answer: Everything. The harder answer: Interclass solidarity and quality of life. They’ve worked so hard to separate the have-nots into their own little groups, we’re too busy fighting each other instead of taking the fight, politically speaking, to the rich and the 1 percent. You have more in common with your fellow man than you EVER will with Bill Gates or Elon Musk.”


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8. “I stopped going to professional sports because I can only afford shitty seats. Not worth the effort anymore.”


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9. “Cheap and simple dishes. ramen, tacos, sushi. now everything’s gotta be labeled premium only to taste the exact same…if not, worse.”


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10. “Theme parks. Gone are the days when everyone was equal and you all had to queue, regardless of your income. And even recently, some theme parks gave fast passes periodically throughout the day. Now if you’ve got deep pockets you can queue jump, making your day a little better and everyone else’s a little worse.”


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11. “Everything really, mofos have more money than common sense and Jack up the prices for the rest of us.”


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12. “Any hobby where there’s potential profit. Now you’ve got dickheads like the Logan Paul ruining Pokémon cards. Not because they’re into them because they like Pokémon but because they read the stories about the rare cards and just hammered their endless piles of cash into getting everything. Same with those asshole sheiks with massive comic book collections. They don’t give a fuck about comics. They just collect popular, valuable stuff.”


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13. “I have no quarrel with people building a nest egg that provides for their family’s needs and some extras. But I have a problem with the ultra-rich who amass enormous wealth from the labor of hundreds and thousands of very poorly paid workers. Besides that, the ultra-rich use their money to influence politicians to enact policies that benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of society.”


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14. “Beaches. Rich people buy ocean front property, rip out the native plants, and destroy habitats. They block off locals from accessing beaches that they’ve been going to their whole lives. Developing expensive resorts to be enjoyed by wealthy people on vacation to the detriment of locals, both human and otherwise.”


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15. “Name a problem in a modern capitalistic society and I can almost guarantee it is caused by the wealthy or as a by-product of attempting to keep the wealthy wealthy.”


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