Recently, Farhan Akhtar announced he is returning to direction with Jee Le Zaraa, a movie featuring an all-girls road trip, written by him, Zoya Akhtar, and Reema Kagti. And starring Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, and Alia Bhatt. 

We had been waiting for a movie on an all-girls road trip since we first saw a photo of gehri dosti (that may or may not be 3D). This was the trip we wanted to see come alive ever since Bagwati came into our lives. And with Jee Le Zaraa going to floors in 2022, here are some scenes that we hope make it to the film: 

1. Of course, the first step is to convince parents. 

2. The struggle to pee on the road because of course, there are no decent facilities available.

Especially if you happen to be drinking beer (not while driving, of course!)


3. Naturally then there will come a time when one of the friends stands outside and holds the door of a dingy washroom (at a petrol pump or a dhaba) while the other one pees inside, all the while balancing precariously over the toilet seat. 

Katrina already knows how to ace this scene, just saying! 

4. At least one of the girls gets her period early and is not carrying a menstrual hygiene product. She asks. Another girl is carrying. Another girl is always carrying.

5. There is at least one person who carries a suitcase too big to carry alone.  

You may make fun of her, but when you need a blow dryer, it’ll come out of her suitcase! 


6. There is a collective bitching session about not boys, but the lack of pockets in dresses. 


7. While boys are certainly not all that we discuss, it’s impossible that exes, creeps on dating apps, and ‘potential’ love interests (sometimes, the same guy is all 3), don’t come up during a conversation between 3 girlfriends on a road trip.


8. Of course, if we’re talking about boys, we’re talking about sex. (We’re talking about sex otherwise too!) And dicks. And how the two are not mutually exclusive. IYKYK!


9. The dedicated WhatsApp group for photos of the trip. And to discuss possible outfits. 

Though ultimately, we end up carrying what we want, and one person always ‘forgets’ to send the photos.

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10. The hunt for the new profile pic with everyone taking 150 photos of each other. Especially the ‘plandids’ aka planned candids. 

Erin Watt Photography

11. The daily phone call to parents to let them know you’re back in the hotel/hostel/AirBnB on time. 

When in fact, we are hopping to the third bar of the night.

12. Helping each other “nail the look”, from the dress to the makeup, when it’s time to hit the bars.

13. Having the eyes-only conversation when a random guy hits on you at the club and offers a free drink. 

*Is he being flirty or creepy?* 

*Creepy, abort mission!* 

15. Double checking every photo being uploaded online so that it has no hint of sutta, hookah, alcohol…and double chin!

15. At least one friend will buy more stuff than her suitcase can carry.

I don’t buy into the stereotype of all women love shopping, because I *am* the exception to that rule. But, I’ve also been on enough girls’ trips with my friends to know that stereotypes do have a grain of truth!


16. There has to be a fight. 

It’s not a gender thing but a basic fact. Stick three people together for an extended period of time, and there is bound to be drama, a difference of opinion, and if they know each other for really long, then an old fight that resurfaces!


17. No one agrees on the music, but at the end of it, a song becomes the trip ‘anthem’. 


That’s it, can’t wait for the movie. Or to go on a trip with my girlfriends. Whatever happens first!