So, you know we know you know, that it’s FINALLY happening – the episode we’ve been waiting for, ever since Rachel got off the plane, is almost here. 

Yes, The One Where They Get Back Together After 17 Years, aka the official F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion is all set to stream on HBO Max, on May 27th.

As reported, the reunion episode is *not* a revival episode. Rather, the episode will be an unscripted conversation between the lead stars, with guest appearances from some of the supporting cast. 

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But considering that we’ve waited for this for 17 years, and have rewatched the series about 1700 times while waiting, there’s a lot that we’re looking forward to in the reunion episode.

1. For starters, we really, really wish the discussion takes place at Central Perk, as the group has coffee again. 


At the very least, we’re hoping the couch makes a guest appearance! 

2. Hopefully, the star cast also gives us deets about what it was like to shoot with some of the most famous stars, and a monkey, a duck, and a chick. 


3. Also, even though we didn’t see Paul Rudd aka Mike aka Princess Consuela Banana Hammock’s husband Crap Bag on the guest list, we still want to know all about him. 


Like did the cast know that casting director Leslie Litt thought he was “dreamy”? Or more importantly, did the cast think so too? Cuz we sure as hell did… and still do. 

4. And though we know this may not come up, we’re hoping Chandler aka Matthew Perry makes one of his classic witty, remarks about Joey’s stint in L.A. (IYKYK).

5. The star cast reveals Maggie Wheeler as one of the guest stars, along with James Michael Tyler aka Gunther. And we’re wishing they dish out the kind of secrets that have us spilling our coffees, and screaming, Oh My God!  

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6. Of course, if we’re talking about the star cast reveal then we HAVE to talk about BTS being on that list. And we are about as calm as Phoebe was after seeing Monica’s friend Will.


7. Oh, the only thing better than Monica’s friends are Monica’s ex-boyfriends. Like Richard Burke, played by Tom Selleck. I, for one, can’t wait to see Monica, Chandler, and Richard, together in a room again. 


8. Could there *be* a better trio than Monica, Chandler, and Richard? Yes, Ross, Rachel, and Rachel’s sister who Ross went on date with aka Jill aka Reese Witherspoon. 


9. We’ve discussed the guest stars we’re excited to see. But reportedly, the special, shot over three days, will also include behind-the-scenes footage from the original set and films and some iconic props. And I am rooting for the ceramic dog to make a reapperance! 

10. And last, but by no means the least, can we please finally have an answer to what the cast thinks about Ross and Rachel being “on a break”.


The six co-stars have repeatedly denied talks about the show being revived, and we know the likelihood of all our questions being answered is low – unless they give us a real-life version of The One With All The Secrets.  


But hey, reunion or no reunion, secrets revealed, or not, it doesn’t matter. Because this show will continue to be here for us