The good part about the internet is that we get an easier access to celebrities and their opinions. The advantage goes both ways, and talk shows play a role by simply offering a platform. However, when so many people start doing the same thing, it gets uninteresting. This is exactly what’s happening to talk shows today. Other than the fact that there’s literally a lot to watch, these shows are also lacking effort. So, something is clearly not right.

When we talk about what’s going wrong, here are some things that could be it:

1. Recurring guests.

Chat shows are inherently entertaining. However, this changes when we keep getting the same guests year on year. It’s not about what the guests bring, in this case, but the fact that they’re eventually going to run out of new things to say. We also need new perspectives and fresh faces – something that also goes for films.

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2. Dull pairings.

A lot of chat shows bring two people to an episode, to change tones and add substance. It’s a power move, and it almost always works. However, the key is to choose pairs who can offer that chemistry. It should bring something new for the viewers and a lot of chat shows don’t go the extra mile to do that. Guests do not have to be related, they should just be able to offer perspective.

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3. Simplistic formats.

One thing that I’ve always enjoyed about chat shows is that they make the effort to add layers to actors and their lives. It’s no point repeating something that we’ve already heard them say. However, most shows have gone back to simplistic formats, like asking fun questions from the guests. Since these formats are constantly repeated, there’s no new element that adds to the entertainment.


4. Personal talks.

A number of media outlets cross boundaries in talking to actors. So, formal interviews and talk shows do everything but stay on topics that matter. They talk about these celebs’ personal lives, and confine them to that. It’s irresponsible, but also very ignorant when there are important things to focus on. On top of everything it’s important that celebrities get to maintain their privacy.

5. Prepared answers.

Celebrities, especially actors have PR teams backing them these days. This might be a requisite in most cases, and of course, a personal choice. When this happens, though, they come with prepared answers to most questions. This is evident in most conversations, which takes away from the formats – which are mostly about keeping it casual.


6. Serving into celebs’ vanity.

People aren’t perfect, and celebrities are people too. Something that most talk shows do wrong is not tell them this. It’s fine to call out a celebrity or tell them that they’re wrong, when they are. At times, the show misses out on doing that, and the excessive pride from the other end takes over. Other times, hosts tend to serve right into it, by not being partial on matters that they aren’t completely aware of.

7. An only-actors platform.

The film industry belongs just as much to the directors and writers as it does to the actors. When we only see actors making it to most of these platforms, it feels as restricting as it sounds. These shows get particularly dull because all these actors come from mainstream cinema, and there is no diversity.

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The bare minimum that shows need to do for the viewers is to offer something that make them watchable.