Sex is all about making your partner feel good and having a nice intimate time together. Well, there’s a lot that goes behind ensuring things are comfortable in bed, including – consent, security, and lots of foreplay! With so much pleasure around, not everything may give orgasms and moans and you figure that out soon.

That said, we found a thread on Reddit that suggested things you should not tolerate during sex and each point makes sense here. Keep reading.

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1. “People making any negative comments about the way I’m enjoying myself, ‘haha your face looks funny when you cum’ ‘you moan too loud, it’s not porn’ etcetera. I can let myself go and enjoy fully without judgment towards myself or others, it would probably help you a lot if you’d learn that too.”


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2. “Lack of enthusiasm. I like it if someone wants to be there and is having fun. If I’m not doing something well, tell me. If you’d rather we stop, tell me. Want to do it differently? Hell yeah! Tell me. Tell me what’s fun for you and I’m in! If you’re thinking, you will just lay there for me to do all the work. That just a warm hole is all I want or all you have to offer. Yea, I’m gonna decline.”


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3. “Being guilt tripped after saying you’re uncomfortable with something they want to do. Once had someone go ‘what’s the big deal?’ When I refused to do something. The big deal is I said no, I’m not comfortable with doing that and that should never have to be questioned.”


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4. Any sort of judgement. There will be queefs, awkward limb untangling, pubes in the mouth, and farts sometimes. It’s normal for human bodies to do human body things. I couldn’t have sex with anyone who can’t have fun and just laugh about it with me and move on!”


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5. “Me and my ex used to do this” NO Never has been said in the bedroom and I’m thankful but my god if it got said I would kick my boyfriend out of bed.”


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6. “Guys who start with a condom then remove it without consent. People would be surprised how often this happens.”


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7. “Bad smells due to poor hygiene. Unexpected/undiscussed penetration. I don’t want a random thumb up my butt with no lube and no discussion. Seems like it should be obvious, but apparently some people have a problem with that.”


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8. “Surprise anal. We can tell when it’s a genuine accident and when you’re trying to force your penis into our butt hole.”


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9. “Someone who does not actively participate. A close second would be someone that thinks doing a copycat impression of a porn starlet in bed is the way to go.”


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10. “Crossing a stated boundary — ANY boundary. If they’re willing to ignore the “small” ones, I don’t trust them to respect the big ones.”


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11. “Hitting me without warning me. Don’t get me wrong, I dig kinky and rough sex. But if you’re going to slap me in the face, you’ve just got to warn me first. That’s it. Warn me that it’s coming, ask me “can I slap you?” and yes, that’s probably going to be fine. But if we’re doing it and completely out of the blue you slap me hard enough to leave a mark and you don’t let me know first, it’s insta-boner-loss.”


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12. “Classic “I don’t have a condom,” most of the times I’ve gone to go hookup with someone. A lot of guys say this when they already knew ahead of time. With a tone of “let me see if she doesn’t care?” and a shift in their face when I show them mine.”


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13. “A sex act that causes pain being done without it being agreed upon beforehand. It violates consent and you can accidentally really hurt someone if they aren’t expecting it and they freak out.”


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14. “Guys who do no foreplay, ignore your clear instructions for what would make it better for you because moving their fingers a little to the left is “too hard”, then have the nerve to complain about “starfishing”.”


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15. “Don’t bite my balls. The pain is like something is ripping me in half from the inside out. I had a girlfriend that had this genius idea while wanting to suck my balls and I thought I was gonna die. From feeling pleasure to MY SURVIVAL INSTINCTS KICKING SAYING I’M GOING TO DIE AT ANY MOMENT! Now I stay wary if any girl tries to have her way with my balls. I think it is basically PTSD at this point.”


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16. “Watch porn to get hard in the middle of having sex, if I ain’t good enough for you to maintain yourself hard then why bother having sex with me (I don’t mind watching porn, but do it together not on your own, like choose something together).”


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