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“Jab khud baap banoge tab samajh me aayega.”

Remember how our dads frequently used this line on us whenever our views clashed. TBH, we were quite inept to comprehend the concept of fatherhood. Well, let’s admit it, being a dad may be the best feeling in the world but it’s also a full-time job without a day off. Fatherhood is something you don’t understand till you actually become one, but once you do, you begin to see just how fulfilling it can be. You begin to cherish a series of firsts with your child and watch them grow into amazing beings. But is this father-child relationship limited to blood ties? Absolutely not, fatherhood is an emotion that one can experience with any being. 

If you have a paw-some ball of fluff waiting for you at home then you are lucky to have experienced this phenomenon already. This father’s day, honouring the same sentiment of fatherhood in a novel way, Nestaway presents a simple yet profound video that describes the wonderful relationship between a father and his child. The video actually shows that all you need to be a dad is a heart full of love.

If the video has made you want to adopt a cutesy doggo, then you’ll love what Nestaway has in store for you. Their brilliant initiative, ‘Furry Friends Project‘ gives you a chance to bring your own furry bundle of joy home. Simply fill one of the two forms – either the one for those willing to adopt a dog or the one giving information about dogs in need and Nestaway will do the rest. You can know more about this project here. What a way to celebrate Father’s Day? Kudos, you guys!