Actor Johnny Depp and his spouse Amber Heard have taught us a valuable lesson. Declare everything when you go to Australia, especially if you’re bringing in pets. If you fail to do so, there’s a good chance the you and your travel companions will be kidnapped not for ransom but to forcefully appear  on an apology video. If you’re a star as famous as Johnny Depp, it’s likely to get more viral. 

Depp and Heard have filmed a video apology to Australia following their trial today, Heard was sentenced with a $1,000 one-month good behaviour bond for smuggling her dogs into Australia last year, Entertainment Online reports. 

Barnaby Joyce, the deputy Prime Minister of Australia uploaded the footage on his Facebook page. The video features the couple glorifying Australia’s biodiversity, with Depp giving the most awkward expression possible. Heard was still able to pull it off with a little bit of style, as if she was doing the country a favour with her appearance. 

Check out the video right here: 

Meanwhile this is how Twitterati’s  reacted: