Sponsored by Bournvita Biscuits

While going to the supermarket is an important errand, it’s usually too straightforward and boring. I mean, what more can you expect in the name of excitement than free pickle samples or a ‘buy-1 get-1-free’ offer? Well, that wasn’t the case for the good folks who were going about their grocery shopping in one particular supermarket like usual, until, guess who decided to show up? Or should we say guess WHAT decided to show up!

Lifesize bottles of milk. Yup! You see, the surprise activity was the work of Bournvita biscuits. The point they wanted to make was that these delicious biscuits are the perfect partner for our everyday glass of milk. But the point is hardly the point here. What really got our attention was the hilarious and cute antics of these milk bottles, the bewildered reactions of the shoppers and the big surprise at the end.

So, go ahead and get your big dose of aww for the day right here: