Believe it or not, life always has many things in store for us. All you have to do is take a leap of faith and carry on.


And, this turned out to be true for this man from Odisha named Isak Munda. 


Before the pandemic, Isak was a daily wage worker but as lockdown set in 2020, many daily wage workers including him experienced a shortage of work leading to a financial crunch. 


To divert himself, Munda used to watch YouTube videos on his friend’s mobile phone. Inspired by the same, he thought of making videos himself. 


According to NDTV, he took a loan of ₹3,000 and made his first video of him eating authentic boiled rice and curry which surprisingly soon went viral. 

As of now, the video has garnered more than half a million views. But that was just the beginning, soon he started rolling out more videos and earning in lakhs. While in conversation with News18, he mentioned that: 

I had taken a loan of Rs 3,000 to buy my first little smartphone to make videos. My first video has been viewed by more than 4.99 lakh people. I make videos about life in my poor household and village, showing what and how we eat. I am happy my videos are received so well by many. I am making a decent income now. 

He received a sum total of ₹500,000 from YouTube which he used to steer his family out of the financial crisis. 

His channel, isak munda eating, has over 800K subscribers, and almost all his videos have gone viral. 

Reportedly, Munda has also been provided with some financial aid by an organization in Bhubaneswar so that they could build their house. 

Progressing in life, he shared that he wants to create awareness about his lifestyle, community, and local traditions. He also aims to help out people in need. 

Isak Munda’s story is nothing short of an inspiration. From watching videos on a borrowed phone to making them, he sure has come a long way.