Is it just me or even you find it difficult to sleep after watching a scary movie? I mean, how are you supposed to function after that?

But there’s a couple who’s have not only seen a spirit(s) but also live with them in a haunted house. Well, allegedly. 

Lainey and Ben may seem like a normal couple but they have a very ‘paranormal’ life. Running an Instagram page together, they document their encounters with the spirits in their haunted house. 

From hearing eerie whispers to having their furniture move around all by itself, they have experienced all the classics and even called over a paranormal investigator to check.  

Obviously, this has piqued their follower’s attention and now 13.4K people want to know what’s it like to live in a haunted house, including me as well. 

So, if you’re also interested, then here’s how they live. 

While Lainey was making her food, a spirit just offered her some ketchup. How nice. 

It seems as if the cat could sense some supernatural presence in the vicinity. 

The couple even had a paranormal investigator and psychic spend some time at the house.  While they were trying to sleep, their bags were moving all on its own, doors kept opening. 

While Lainey was away at work, she saw a video where the drawers and the chairs move without anyone being there. 

No matter how many times Ben was closing the drawer, it popped right out. 

When you live in a haunted house, things are constantly falling around you. 

Even though the cat was away, the lights were lit up almost as if someone was calling the cat to play. 

Another exhibit of a toy moving all by itself while the cat is away. 

While Ben was watching TV, the lamp just folded over and fell down. 

They even tried to record some eerie whispers they heard in their house but could only hair faint whispers. 

Apparently, Lainey also felt as if someone was pulling her legs and flinging her arms when she was sleeping. 

They even had a stinking smell in the house and didn’t know where it was coming from. 

From disbelief to shock, people had varying reactions to their videos.


Raise your hands if you’re too scared to visit the washroom after reading this.