Last year, Chris Hemsworth flew down to India to shoot for his Netflix project, Dhaka. His soft spot for the country is a known fact. 

But who knew that he apparently fell so much in love with India, that he even named his daughter after it?

Not me. 

This logic opened so many creative avenues for me to name my child, BTW.

In an interview with IANS, he detailed the reason behind doing so-

My wife (Elsa Pataky) spent a lot of time in India and that was where the name originally came from.

Talking about his love for the country he said that although shooting here was an intimidating experience, it was nonetheless exciting. Surrounded by the ‘warmth and support’ of us desis he feels like a ‘rockstar’-

I love the place and the people. There were thousands of people on the streets every day and I have never experienced that on set. It was sort of intimidating as it was exciting because there were so many people.
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Give us a kiss gorgeous

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It’s a sweet gesture, of course. My inner-desi feels validated. 

Anyhow, my child better be ready to get named Netflix or napping.