If you're a Sacred Games fan who's currently obsessing over Paatal Lok, join the club. But we're 100 percent sure that you must have missed this little Sacred Games reference in Paatal Lok. 

Source: Wikipedia

Remember Cheeni? The transwoman in Paatal Lok who falls victim to major police brutality after they discover her gender identity? Well, turns out she has a major connection to Kukoo from Sacred Games

Source: Film Companion

Kukoo a.k.a Kubbra Sait spotted a reference to her character in Amazon Prime Video's Paatal Lok. Trust me, it's the mini crossover we didn't know we needed in our lives: 

According to Kubbra's post, Cheeni who plays the transgender in Paatal Lok, works for in Kukoo's parlour. Don't believe us? A die-hard fan is armoured with proof: 

Well, who would have thought that even the on-screen trans community would understand and support each other's struggles?