Sonu Sood has been working day and night, tirelessly to ensure that he can send as many migrants back home as possible. Over the course of few days, he has managed to reunite over 12,000 stranded migrants with their families by safely sending them home. 


In a heartwarming video, a mother who was reunited with her son after ages, took to Twitter to take a minute and thank Sonu Sood for all his kind efforts. 

Jo mera laal mere pass hai, main kis alfaaz main aapka hukriya karoon,thank you karun? Mere pass alfaaz hi nahi hai. Mera beta mere samne hai. 

The emotional mother tried to express how she felt when her son came back home safe. She showered all her blessings on Sonu Sood and exclaimed that his acts of kindness were something that a real brother would do for his sister. 

Tadapti rehti thi apne bachhe ke liye, apne laal ke liye. Aur ab main usko apne saamne dekh rahi hoon. Jis tarah tapte hue registan mein ek boondh paani mil jata hai, tadapti hue machli ko ek samundra mil jata hai, ussi tarah jab main tadap rahi thi, aisa? tohfa humein sonu bhai ne dia hai. 

The only difference is Sonu Sood doesn’t share a blood relation with the thousands of people that he has helped and the hundred others that he will. Yet he is helping them like they’re his own family. 

Watch the entire heartwarming video here: 

After this video surfaced on the internet, Twitter is continuing to laud Sonu Sood’s initiative to unite thousands of families together: 

Sonu Sood is the one-man army behind taking an initiative to look after the well being of the migrants while we have clearly failed them. He is the real-life superhero our society needs.