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Living in today’s fast-paced world, it often feels like we are juggling ten things at the same time. We are so engrossed in technology and other stuff, that we rarely find time to bond with our loved ones and enjoy special moments without distractions.

That is exactly what Shahid and Mira are talking about in the new OnePlus ad film and it screams goals!
(Manifesting someone who will look at me like Shahid looks at Mira!)

This Bollywood power couple has restored our faith in fairytales time and again with their mutual respect, strong love, and unmatchable chemistry. And that is what we witness once again, in OnePlus‘ new ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ campaign film. 

The film is all glamour and glitters with a dolled up Mira watching television. She’s completely immersed in the experience with her OnePlus buds paired with the new OnePlus TV U1S, as she operates it with her OnePlus smartphone. This is when Shahid comes and joins her and it builds into a sweet exchange between the two. Their conversation ends with a thoughtful message of how we need to disconnect from time to time and enjoy moments with loved ones. 

While after watching this video, we know exactly what to add to our wishlists, we also get the sweetest campaign message of disconnecting from technology and bonding offline with loved ones. The ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ campaign focuses on redefining moments away from technology for the betterment of the community. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Apart from the crackling chemistry, the brand film also showcases the seamless smart ecosystem that OnePlus has brought to us with the launch of the new OnePlus U1S TV. It sports dope features like 4K UHD display with 1 billion colours, HDR 10+, 30W audio stereo speakers with Dynaudio. The TV also has Google Voice Assistant, NFC, quick app switch, smart volume control, and seamless IoT connectivity with other OnePlus products such as OnePlus Buds & OnePlus smartphones.

So, we can now #StayConnectedStaySmarter with our OnePlus devices synced effortlessly with one another, making life as convenient as it can be…

(Do you need it or do you NEED it?!)  

Who doesn’t want this dope smart ecosystem that OnePlus is offering? Go get your savings out and grab it before it all sells out!

Jokes apart, this new brand film really does speak volumes in terms of technological advancements, thought-fullness, and of course, relationship goals with one of the sweetest couples in Bollywood! (I really don’t think I can ever get enough of this heavenly chemistry, God!) 

Click on the film below to bless your eyes