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“Bas iss baar achhe se padhai karlo, phir to life set hai!”

In case you weren’t born yesterday, you’ve grown up listening to this age-old saying. Frankly speaking, this is the biggest lie in the whole wide world. Because there was always this one more exam, one more interview, one more internship, or one more deadline holding our dreams back. The mad corporate race to the top escalated so quickly that I don’t even know what a real vacation looks like anymore. 

On weekends, I just grieve on the grave of my last vacation that never happened. It, like every other plan, was brutally choked by pending ‘bills’ and responsibilities. On that note, let me direct you to this super hilarious 3 episode web series called #GameOfLifeGoals by Bajaj Allianz Life which sums up all our plight so perfectly that it actually hurts to admit it. 

The stellar performances by Kumar Varun and Rahul Subramanian perfectly capture the dilemmas of us millennials. While we might not be pros at saving money, we don’t back down from achieving our life goals. The moral? Let’s focus on achieving those goals as Bajaj Allianz Life is here to help us invest in the right direction. This way, we can get our #LifeGoalsDone. Win-win, right?

If you were able to relate to your failed vacation plans then don’t forget to subscribe Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance YouTube channel and catch the next two episodes. In the second episode, Varun and Rahul plan on making it big through a startup plan but procrastination takes a toll on their pipelined dreams. Having a life goal is basic but only a plan and proper savings can help us achieve all that. The madness doesn’t end here. Like every other millennial stuck in a 9 to 5 job, Rahul and Varun have that ‘make your passion your work‘ talk in the third episode. Varun confesses his aspirations to be a filmmaker but soon realize how he doesn’t have enough savings to support himself.