It’s true that most of us have grown up enjoying, and learning life lessons (of course), from Shaktimaan. Because who else than him to teach kids the difference between right and wrong. 


But now it looks like even our own, desi, friendly neighborhood superhero may have had to prove his citizenship. In an old video, Shaktimaan stops two robbers from looting a bank, only to see the police let them go. 

As he argues with the police officers that saving the country is every citizen’s job, the police officers ask him to provide proof of his citizenship. 

In the end, other officers join and impose aviation fine on Shaktimaan, while also issuing him a notice for not paying income tax. While it is commendable that even superheroes are supposed to follow rules, it is strange that the robbers were allowed to go scot-free. 

Many people took to Twitter to comment on the video’s relevance for current times: 

You can watch the video here: 

All images are screenshots from the video.