There are times when we accidentally (or in the case of movie buffs like me, intentionally) stumble across a place and are instantly transported to the movie we first saw that place in. 


And then there is photographer and Instagrammer Murtaza Ametwala, who has been painstakingly recapturing iconic shots from movies and web series, one post at a time. 

Murtaza’s photos take you back to the joy that a movie evoked, then whether it’s a classic comedy like Welcome or a timeless beauty like The Lunchbox.

Of course, in the age of OTT, web series feature prominently on his feed. 

And if you thought it was all desi content, then clearly you’re not going through the account in as much detail as we are: 

Ultimately though, from all-time-favourites, to old black-and-white classics, to the latest dramas, the page has a little something for everyone. 

Yes, even for K-pop fans. 

However, perhaps the true ingenuity of his photos is how he captures iconic shots in places that are completely different from where the shot originally took place. Case in point, the iconic stairs from Joker

And this is how, by primarily shuffling between Dubai and Mumbai, Murtaza manages to take us through cinema from across the world. 

The account actually started with Murtaza sharing general photos he’d clicked. 

But soon it transformed into an account largely dedicated to capturing cinema through a different lens. And for cinephiles like me, it’s a rare treat indeed.  

You can see more of his work here