While most of us spend our time trying to stop ourselves from growing old, some others simply embrace this fact of nature and – like fine wine – end up getting better with age. Abhay Deol is one such actor who’s out to prove why getting older isn’t a bad thing.

The actor has put up an 18-year-old photograph, the one he used for his passport back then along with his current passport shot, as part of a bet that he lost to a friend. The photograph has him wearing glasses and an awkward smile and in his own words, he’s celebrating being a nerd and getting older. 

Honestly, ageing has only done Abhay a world of good, as he continues to get better with every passing year. 

Check out the post here:

Who said being attractive is all about being young? There’s a lot to be said about experience, right? 

Here’s to getting older and certainly more attractive. Well done, Abhay!

*getting rid of that anti-ageing cream right now*