Whether it was because of the friends we made or the classes we bunked, but for most us, school days have a special place in our memories. And Darshan Rajpurohit’s poem for UnErase Poetry, School Ka Woh Dost, reminds you of some of those precious memories. 

Darshan begins his piece be talking about how every class had three types of kids, and each of them had a role to play in the class dynamics. 

He then goes on to talk about one of his friends, Raunak aka Ronny. One time Ronny decided to bring the ultimate delicacy, Jim-Jam biscuits, in his school tiffin. And then spent the day scared about how quickly his friends would finish his lunch. 

However, in an attempt to stop his friends from getting to the tiffin, he ended up getting sent out of the class. What happened next is a story that taught Ronny a lifelong lesson and served his friends an amazing lunch!

Using ‘filmy’ metaphors and fond memories, Dushyant weaves a tale about the school time that convinces us to revisit the memories we’d long forgotten. You can watch the complete video here: 

Design credits: Aprajita Mishra