Sponsored by Big FM

India celebrated 71 years of Independence this Tuesday as spirits were high and faces were smiling. Songs of patriotism were heard in every nook and cranny and how! The streets were not the only place where celebrations were in order because 71 of Big FM’s RJs also came together to sing a soulful medley.

Ace music composer Salim Merchant assumed the role of a maestro while being connected with Radio Jockeys (turned Music jockeys) via a video conference call. We can tell you right now that listening to them sing their hearts out to India’s favorite patriotic songs is sure to tug on your heartstrings!

And now… hit it!

Wasn’t that just beautiful? 

And this gift from BIG FM comes with a promise as well. You see, Big FM tells us that from this point on, Hit Gaane Honge Zyada Yeh Hai Big FM ka Vaada! So, if the Radio is your primary source of discovering new music, listening to evergreen songs or rocking out to chart toppers, you know which channel to tune into in order to find (even more of) all that!