Online shopping, what a boon right? Maybe not entirely. I mean what about the times you spiral and end up buying ten thousand unnecessary things?

Well, in this stand-up act, Akash Gupta breaks down the pros and cons of online shopping. Is it really a blessing or a curse disguised as one? Let’s find out. 


First off, online shopping saves you from the probing of a salesperson. You can shop and spend according to your hearts’ desire, and there won’t be an annoyingly persuasive voice telling you to buy more than you need in the background. 

But let’s not forget how sales make us act! A lot of us go into a frenzy of sorts when sale season comes around.

I mean how many of us end up buying absolutely useless items when sale season arrives. Whether it’s a t-shirt with graphics you never really liked or some fancy beauty appliance you’ll never even use. So, as Akash Gupta described a particular incident about his mom’s sale season frenzy, we knew all too well what he was talking about. 

You can catch this act of his here.

It’s still therapeutic, no matter what!